Customer care

Customer care module handles all non-academic queries of users. We assume that academic queries are handled by faculty members through learning tools which are specifically tailored to handle such situations. Similarly, technical queries are handled in Quampus forum. All other queries must be directed to customer care.

  1. Click 'Customer care' from 'Support' menu pull-down options (top menu bar).
  2. Select an option.
  3. Fill up details. Attach file if required.

You will receive a ticket number for your query. This query is directed to the appropriate team and when responded (normally it should be responded within 24-48 hours), you will receive an email notification about the same and can view the response after signing in and visiting customer care page. If your query is not answered satisfactorily, you can continue the discussion thread. Unanswered queries are automatically notified or escalated to concerned admin users.