Learning center

Learning Center is the access point for all active learning services for a user or learner. Active learning services are courses, programs, test-prep series etc in which the learner is enrolled and whose access have not yet expired.

An individual Quampus Id holder can become a learner by enrolling in a course or in a learning service. Enterprise Quampus Id holders can not enroll in a learning service. However, they can enroll other Individual Quampus Id holders in a learning service by sponsoring or nominating them.

Access your learning services

User interface

Access study material

Post questions for teacher to answer

Access and submit assignments

Access and take on line assessments

Access practice exercises

Attend virtual classes

Chat with teacher

Performance metrics and score card

Manage your learning services


Provide feedback

Enrollment extension

Make balance fee payments

Withdraw from a course

Customer care

Trouble-shooting guide for learners