Forum participation and administration

This feature works only when enabled by the Program Manager for the course. The faculty member allocated for the subject of the course automatically becomes the forum moderator for the subject of the course.

  1. Go to 'Admin' > 'Faculty Station'
  2. Click 'Forum' from the expanded 'Learning Tools' button for the course.
  3. Click 'Moderate'. Now, you can either change the 'General Settings' or 'Resolve Issues'.
  4. In 'General Settings', a discussion thread can be either made 'Sticky' (to make it stick to the top of the page) or can be 'Closed'.
  5. Through 'Resolve Issues', a reported post can be set as 'Mark Resolved', 'Delete Post' or 'Spam Protect'. 'Spam Protect' mode prevents a genuine post from being repeatedly marked as spam.