Enroll learners

Switch to admin mode if not there already.

Select 'Enrollment Coordination' from Admin role selection pull down menu next to the company logo on top-left corner.

  1. Click 'Enroll New' from the left menu.
  2. A list of courses will be displayed. If you do not find the desired course, it means - either the course has not been published, or the enrollment window for the course is closed, or new enrollment has been suspended by the Program Manager of the course.
  3. If there are multiple courses in the list, the first one will be highlighted by default. To select any other course, click 'Select' link. All new enrollments will be done for the selected course.

Now you have 2 methods to enroll a user for this course : (a) by using existing Quampus Id (b) by creating new Quampus Id.

Enroll by using existing Quampus Id

Enroll by creating new Quampus Id