Set up your cloud LMS account

Doing a Knowledge Partner sign up

A learning provider has to do a Knowledge Partner sign up to set up the cloud LMS account.

  1. Visit
  2. Click ‘Pricing’ from the landing page. Scroll down, choose a plan to sign up as a Knowledge Partner and click ‘Sign Up’.
  3. Input your Quampus Id and password or click ‘Get a new Quampus Id’ to get your own Quampus Id.
  4. Verify details, input a paragraph about yourself or your organization and click 'Proceed'.
  5. For 'Free' plan or for '30-day Trial' membership gets activated immediately. For 'Professional' plan, membership gets activated on payment completion.

Free Knowledge Partner Account

Only free courses can be published through this account.

No Quampus charges are applicable - no membership fee and no usage charges.

Use it to deliver free courses only. Recommended for Evangelists and Non-profits.

Professional Knowledge Partner Account

Full-featured account with all the power at your disposal.

Membership fee and other charges are applicable, but no Quampus usage charges are applicable for delivering free courses. You may deliver free courses as promotional activity.

Use it to monetize your online courses or for internal training purpose.

You may take a 30-day free trial to evaluate the features of the Professional Knowledge Partner Account (valid for 30 days). The Trial Knowledge Partner Account has all features, but payout processing is not allowed unless the account is converted to Professional Account. Payout is the money due to the Knowledge Partner when collection from learners is done through Quampus payment gateway.