Delegation to other collection agents

Switch to admin mode if not there already.

Select 'KP-Account Management' from Admin activity selection pull down menu next to the company logo on top-left corner.

In order to delegate collection agent authority to another user, you need the Quampus Id of the user and this Quampus Id must be of 'individual' type. You can add a new collection agent or delete an existing collection agent. A collection agent with 'high authority' can also reverse payment entries and process incomplete gateway transactions.

View current list of collection agents

  1. Go to ‘KP Account Management’ > ‘Collection Agents’.
  2. View the current list of collection agents.
  3. Do any of the following activities : Add new, delete or change authority level.

Add new collection agent

  1. Click ‘Add new’ to add a new collection agent. Input an Individual Quampus Id. Select ‘High authority’ option if you want the collection agent to have the authority to reverse a payment entry and process incomplete gateway transactions.

Remove or delete collection agent

  1. Select the collection agent you want to remove.
  2. Click ‘Delete’.

Change authority level of collection agent

A collection agent with normal authority can just input the offline collection data. A collection agent with high authority can reverse a payment entry already created and also take corrective action for incomplete gateway transactions. We recommend that very few collection agents are given high authority.

  1. Select the collection agent for whom you want to change the authority level.
  2. Click ‘Change Authority’ to toggle between 'Normal' and 'High' authority level.