KP-Account management

KP refers to Knowledge Partner. When a user signs up for any of the Membership Plans to use Quampus cloud LMS platform for delivering e-learning services, the user is referred as Knowledge Partner or KP in short. In this site, wherever you see the acronym KP, it stands for Knowledge Partner. KP Account Manager controls every aspect of the e-learning activity or business. This can also be called the super-administration activity for your Knowledge Partner account. KP Account Management activities can be transferred to a different user but not delegated.

While KP Account Manager is the super-admin user for the Knowledge Partner Account, other admin activities like making courses, doing enrollments, doing teacher specific activities, and payment collections etc. are done through other admin roles. Each admin role is a collection of admin activities. KP Account Manager gets all other admin roles by default, which means all admin activities can be done by the Account Manager through the other admin roles.

If you are new, you must also view the Overview of Admin Roles page. Also, you may benefit by going through the Quick Start Guide before proceeding further.

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The following sections are not part of KP-Account Management activities, hence they are not part of the menu items under KP-Account Management role. 'Admin reports' is accessible from admin role/activity selection pull-down menu. 'How do I..' section answers some basic questions that new account managers face.

Admin reports

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