Course - assessments

Publish a new assessment

Assessment question papers when published become available to learners as assessments or online tests. In this section, we learn to publish the assessments already created for the subjects of the course. For creating a new assessment question paper, you must go to the appropriate subject and prepare the question paper. Assessments can also be published from the subject's assessment question paper repository for a specific course.

  1. Go to ‘Admin’ > ‘Program Management’ > ‘Course’
  2. Select the course.
  3. Click ‘Assessment’ from menu.
  4. List of question papers already published get displayed.
  5. Click ‘Publish New’ link.
  6. A list of question papers available in the assessment question paper repository is displayed.
  7. Select the question paper and input the data needed to publish it and click ‘Publish’.

Modify an already published assessment

Cancel an already published assessment