Guest learners

By enrolling a guest, you can allow the user to access the full course as an enrolled learner. This feature can be used either to self-check your own course from the view point of a learner by enrolling yourself as a guest or to allow a prospective customer a full view of the course. Quampus usage charges are not applicable for guest enrollments.

Switch to admin mode if not there already.

Select 'Program Management' from Admin role selection pull down menu next to the company logo on top-left corner.

Click 'Course' from side menu and select a course.

Guest learners

  1. Click ‘Guest learners’ from the menu.
  2. List of active guest enrollments, if any, will be displayed.
  3. Click 'Add New' link to add a new guest.
  4. Select any one option - 'Full Duration', 'Few Days', or 'Up to Date and Time'. Input the Quampus Id and submit.
  5. To remove a guest, click 'Withdraw' link for the user in the guest enrollment page.

Full duration guests get access for the entire duration of the course unless you withdraw/terminate them. Short duration guests get maximum 2-day access. They can also be prematurely terminated.

Maximum number of full duration guest enrollments is limited by Quampus. In guest enrollment page, you will also see list of guests enrolled by Quampus whose enrollments are active. Quampus guests can not be removed by you, whereas you can remove any guest enrolled by you.