Course - enrollment key

Enrollment keys can be used by a user to enroll in the course without passing through a payment process for a 'Priced' course.

In non-retail scenario, this mechanism can be used by the learning provider when the course is given as a bundled service along with other services or when there is a bulk purchase situations where the customer buys certain number of keys at a negotiated price and distributes the keys to users to enroll in the course. In retail scenario, this can be used when payment collection is not done through Quampus.

  1. Go to ‘Admin’ > ‘Program Management’ > 'Course'
  2. Select a course
  3. Click ‘Enrollment keys’ from the menu.
  4. Toggle 'Enrollment through Key' to 'Yes' if not done already.
  5. Click 'Generate Keys'. Specify number of keys, input user id of the distributor (by default it is set to KP user id) and click ‘Generate’.

For this mechanism to work, 'Enrollment through Key' must be set to 'Yes'. Enrollment keys for a distributor can be disabled en-masse temporarily by changing the status to 'Blocked'.

Note that the total number of keys that can be generated is limited to the maximum specified by the KP Account Manager. You must contact KP-Account manager to set it to a higher value when this limit is exhausted.