Add, edit and delete course

Switch to admin mode if not there already.

Select 'Program Management' from Admin role selection pull down menu next to the company logo on top-left corner.

Add a new course

  1. Click ‘Course’ from side menu.
  2. Click ‘Add new’ to add a new course
  3. Choose from out of ‘Fee-paying’, ‘Internal’ and ‘Free’.
  4. Select ‘Subjects’ which will be taught in this course. Minimum one has to be selected. You can club subjects of the same format to create a course.
  5. Choose the span of delivery and ‘Proceed’.
  6. Input the name of the course and its description.
  7. Input registration start and end dates.
  8. Input other data asked for.
  9. Click either 'Save' button or 'Save and Publish' button.

You can decide to save the course and come back to publish it later or you can proceed to save and publish it immediately. View section on 'Publishing the course'. Unpublished courses can not take learner enrollments.

Edit a course

By editing a course, you can modify the general properties only.

  1. Click ‘Course’ from side menu.
  2. Click on a course from the list. If required, select the option from among live, under preparation, idle and all. Live courses are those whose registration is still open or in which there are active enrollments.
  3. Click ‘Edit’ from the menu. Make desirable modifications. Save at the end.

To know how to edit specific properties, click here.

Delete a course

  1. Click ‘Course’ from side menu.
  2. Select 'Under Preparation' category.
  3. Click 'Delete' symbol for the course you want to delete.

Courses in 'Under preparation' category only can be deleted. Once a course is published, it can not be deleted.

If you publish a course by mistake and want to stop enrollment for the course, use the following steps:

  1. Click ‘Course’ from side menu.
  2. Select the course from 'Live' category.
  3. Click 'Edit' from menu.
  4. Select 'Suspend Registration' check box from under registration date text boxes.