Before you make a course you need one or more subjects with subject matter. A course needs minimum one subject. Subject matter includes subject content or study material and optionally other contents like assignment repository, practice exercise repository, assessment question bank, assessment question papers etc.

So, typically a course comprises of:

  1. Study materials of the subject(s) covered,
  2. Activities like assignments, assessments and practice exercises,
  3. Collaborative tools like forum, chat, virtual class and one-on-one interaction methods between teacher and learner.

Study materials, activities and collaborative tools are referred as Learning Tools and a course can be configured to have some or all of the learning tools available.

Course can be delivered on date-to-date or fixed duration basis. Date-to-date courses start at a particular date and time and end at a particular date and time, so learners who enroll after the course has started get less duration. Fixed duration courses give equal duration to enrolled learners irrespective of when they enroll.

Only published courses are available for enrollment.

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