Add, edit and delete subject

Switch to admin mode if not there already.

Add a new subject

  1. Go to ‘Program Management’ > ‘Subject’
  2. The list of your existing subjects will be displayed.
  3. Click ‘Add new’ to add a new subject. Fill up details and save. While filling up details, select ‘SCORM Format’ if you are going to upload a SCORM package as the main study material content. Otherwise select ‘Topics Format’. Please remember, once the subject is saved, this format selection cannot be edited later on.
  4. To add or modify study material for this subject, click ‘Study material’ link from the page or from the left menu panel. Click other links from the menu for other contents.

Edit a subject

  1. Go to ‘Program Management’ > ‘Subject’
  2. Select a subject from the list by clicking the green arrow.
  3. Edit and click ‘Save’ when finished

Delete a subject

  1. Go to ‘Program Management’ > ‘Subject’
  2. To remove a subject, click ‘Delete’. If a subject is in use in any course (old or current), it cannot be deleted. To remove it from the list, mark it ‘Obsolete’ by editing it.