Learning Center - enrollment extension

Enrollment extension

If the Program Manager has set an enrollment extension rule then you can extend the enrollment period by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Click 'Learning Center' from the top menu bar.
  2. The Learning Center will show you the list of learning services (courses) in which you have active enrollment.
  3. Access the course for which you want to extend the enrollment period.
  4. In the Learning Tools menu (below the course name), click the 'More' menu (shown as '...') and select the option for extension.
  5. Choose to do free or paid extension as per your choice and as per the options provided.

If your service (course) enrollment has expired, then go to 'Old Courses' option from 'User' menu in the top menu list. Select the course. If the Program Manager has permitted the enrollment extension to be possible within a certain number of days after enrollment expiry and your enrollment expiry is falling within this range, then you can extend your enrollment by following the steps mentioned in Step-4 and Step-5.

If extension is not permitted to be done by the learner, you can still contact the Program Manager to do an enrollment extension as a special case from back-end admin.