Learning center - general information for online assessments

Access online assessments

  1. Click 'Learning Center' from the top menu bar.
  2. The Learning Center will show you the list of courses in which you have active enrollment. Each course will have a 'Learning Tools' button.
  3. Click 'Assessments’ from the 'Learning Tools'. If you do not find ‘Assessments’ under ‘Learning Tools’ then it means this tool is not enabled by the Program Manager. The list of assessments is displayed. Use appropriate filter conditions from the right filter-panel.
  4. Each assessment will have maximum number of attempts. Taking a new attempt will give you a new question paper . Previously attempted un-submitted assessments can be ‘resumed’. You can view ‘results’ for submitted assessments by clicking the link provided in the assessment panel.
  5. Assessment once started must be completed within prescribed time limits. Check elapsed time, balance time from timer panel.
  6. If you are already accessing another learning tool for a learning service, click the ‘Assessments’ icon from the left panel of the screen and use step-4.