Score card

Score card consolidates the performance of the learner in different assessments and assignments into a single score as per the score computation rule set by you and also translates the obtained score into the appropriate performance grade as set by you in the grade computation rule.

Switch to admin mode if not there already.

Select 'Program Management' from Admin role selection pull down menu next to the company logo on top-left corner.

Click 'Course' from side menu and select a course.

Score Card

Score Card rule requires 3 steps:

  1. Set up score computation rule
  2. Set up grade computation rule
  3. Activate the Score Card rule

Set up score computation rule

  1. Click 'Score card' from menu.
  2. In Score Computation Rule section, click 'Add'.
  3. Fill up block weightages (total must be 100%).
  4. Select rule for each parameter and specify weightages for each parameter.
  5. In case your course uses multiple subjects, you may add the multi-subject assessment block also and fill up corresponding block weightage, select the rule and fill up the rule weightage.
  6. Save the rule.

In each non-zero weightage block, rule weightages must total to 100%. All assignments and assessments which are marked for Score Card while publishing them will be used for score computation.

Set up grade computation rule

  1. In Grade Computation Rule section, click 'Modify'.
  2. Grade Computation Rule page opens.
  3. Click 'Add new'.
  4. Fill up range, grade description, and overall learning outcome successively to cover the entire range 0-100.
  5. Save the rule.

Activate Score Card rule

  1. In the 'Status' section of Score Card rule, click 'Activate'.
  2. Fill up 'Effective From' field. It can be either 'right now', or a 'back-date'.
  3. Save

The Score Card rule will be applicable on all enrollments done on or after the effective date/time.