Overview of admin roles

A Learning Provider, after signing up as a Knowledge Partner in Quampus, gets all admin functionalities through different admin roles, using which the Learning Provider can control and manage all LMS activities. All admin roles other than the Account Management role can be delegated to other individuals also. Account Manager can be replaced by another person.

Admin roles are collection of admin activities and can be selected from the pull down menu next to the company logo.

List of admin roles and admin activities

  1. Knowledge Partner (KP) Account Management: KP Account Manager controls every aspect of your Cloud LMS. This can also be called the super-administration activity. Any user who does Knowledge Partner sign up becomes KP Account Manager. Account Management activities can be transferred to a different user.
  2. Program Management: Program Manager’s activities include management of Subjects, Courses, Faculty Member allocations and Learners.
  3. Enrollment Coordination: Enrollment Coordinator’s activities include enrolling users in Learning Services owned by one’s own organization or other Knowledge Partners. Please remember, learners can directly enroll in your learning services if those services are made available for enrollment in Quampus market place or your market place.
  4. Teaching Station: Teachers guide, mentor, help and supervise the learners. The activities include checking assignments, answering learner queries and moderating discussions.
  5. Payment Collection Management: Collection Agents register offline payment collections, reverse payment entries when required, and take corrective actions in case of incomplete gateway transactions.

KP Account Management Activities

  1. Membership Details: Membership Plan upgrade and renewal, extra storage enablement
  2. Account Settings: Gateway, white label, resources and permissions
  3. Money Management: Payment to Quampus, payouts* from Quampus.
  4. Delegation of admin work to other users: For program management, enrollment coordination, faculty station and collection activities.

*Payout: When you collect money from your customers (learners) through Quampus instead of your own Gateway Merchant Id, the amounts thus collected exceeding Quampus current and future charges are transferred to your bank account through a process called ‘Payout’.

Program Management Activities

  1. Prepare Subjects and Manage Content
  2. Create and Publish Courses
  3. Manage Enrollments and Learners
  4. Manage Faculty Member Allocations
  5. Miscellaneous Activities

Enrollment Coordination Activities

  1. Enroll users
  2. Manage enrolled learners

Teacher Activities

  1. Evaluate assignments
  2. Deliver lectures
  3. Answer learner queries
  4. View learner performance
  5. Moderate forums

Collection Agent Activities

  1. Agent having Normal Authority: Register offline payments and electronic fund transfers received through non-Quampus mechanisms.
  2. Agent having High Authority: Reverse payment entries, Authorize Credit and Debit Notes, Process incomplete gateway transactions