Program management-How do I...

How do I start?

Start by making subjects.

Subjects contain subject matter. Subject matter includes study material, assignment repository (a bank of assignments that you would use selectively later on) , assessment question bank and assessment question papers (again, these are banks of questions and question papers that you will use selectively), practice exercises etc.

Then make new course using one or more subjects. When a course contains multiple subjects then each subject can be thought of as a module of the course. But these modules are re-usable, in the sense that you can make other courses using them.

Course is not accessible to learners till they are published. And, after a course is published, users or learners can access them only after enrollment in the course.

How do I publish a new course?

Easy. Make a course and publish. To make a course, you will have to use one or more subjects, so better prepare them first.

Course can be one of the following types: fee-paying, internal or free. Quampus usage charges are applicable for fee-paying and internal courses only.

A published course cannot be deleted. You can either close its registration window or suspend its registration to make it invisible in the web site.

How do I assign faculty members to a course?

Use ‘Learning tools and faculty members’ menu of the course.