KP-Account management-How do I...

The 'How do I...' section gives a quick answer to your question without taking you through detail steps. Use the links provided to go to the relevant admin section.

How do we go about delivering our online learning services?

  1. Start with 'Program Management' menu under 'Admin' to create subjects.
  2. Use subjects to create courses. For this either start from a subject using the 'Subject' menu under 'Program Management' or start from the 'Course' menu under 'Program Management' and specify subjects to be used.
  3. Publish courses to allow learners to enroll. Learners can be enrolled from back-end by 'Enrollment Coordinators' also.

How do we delegate admin activities to other users?

You can delegate admin activities to other users for doing Program Management, Enrollment Coordination and Payment Collection Management.

How do we collect money from our learners?

Collect online payments by using Quampus gateway or your own gateway. Offline payments can be registered through Collection Agent menu.

You can view payment collection status any time by logging in to Quampus through your Quampus Id and Password.

All on-line payments collected through Quampus gateway are paid back to you after deducting Quampus service charges through a process called ‘Payout’.

How do we receive our money collected online through Quampus?

If your customers have paid you using Quampus gateway, your account with Quampus will reflect that and after adjustment against Quampus charges any positive balance can be withdrawn. This is called 'Payout' and can be done once a month.

  1. Go to 'KP Account Management' from 'Admin' menu on top menu bar.
  2. Click 'Request Payout'.
  3. Fill up the amount and confirm.

The 'Payout' amount is sent through cheque or electronic money transfer if you have set up your bank account details in your profile. Payout is transferred within 7 days of the 'Payout' request.

How do we stop using Quampus?

Please send us a formal request and we will close your Knowledge Partner account.