Online learning demystified

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  1. What is e-learning
  2. E-learning, online learning, and distance learning environments - are they the same?
  3. Theory and Practice of Online Learning - complete e-Book

Forms of Delivery

  1. Asynchronous & synchronous e-learning
  2. Designing asynchronous e-learning
  3. Handbook on synchronous e-learning - download link

Strategies and Best Practices

  1. Best practices in online teaching strategies       
  2. Handbook of e-learning strategy - download link

Content Standardization

  1. Course Content Preparation and Standardization
  2. A survey on e-learning content standardization

Project and Process

  1. The E-Learning P3 Model
  2. Official Guide to Running a Successful E-Learning Project
  3. The Ultimate DIY Guide to e-learning Design - download link
  4. User Interface Design for Effective, Engaging E-Learning


  1. Marketing your e-learning internally

Articles on Content Authoring Tools

  1. Authoring System
  2. Choosing Authoring Tools
  3. A Review On Authoring Tools
  4. E-Learning Authoring Tools: The Present and Future Vision
  5. Articulate, Captivate and Other Rapid Authoring Tools
  6. E-learning Authoring Tool Comparison
  7. Comparing Adoption of Rapid e-Learning Development Tools by Key US Industries
  8. Simulation Authoring Tools for Interactive e-Learning Course-ware Development

References on Authoring Tools

  1. Rapid Power Tools: The top performers of e-learning authoring software
  2. New E-Learning Rankings: Authoring Tools
  3. Top e-learning Authoring Tools Compared – A Matrix
  4. Comparison: Authoring Tools
  5. 15 Authoring Tools for m-enabling your e-learning for iPads
  6. E-Learning Authoring Tool Comparison
  7. Seven Top Authoring Tools
  8. Authoring Tools Review - 2013

Links to Authoring Tool Websites

  1. Articulate
  2. iSpringSolutions
  3. Lectora
  4. Adobe
  5. CourseLab
  6. Camtasia

Reference Guides and eBooks

  1. CDC’s e-learning Essentials Guide - A guide for creating quality electronic learning
  2. Commonwealth of Learning - e-learning - A Guidebook of Principles, Procedures and Practices
  3. E-learning and the Science of Instruction - Proven Guidelines for Consumers and Designers of Multimedia Learning
  4. FAO - E-learning Methodologies - A guide for designing and developing e-learning courses
  5. University of Missouri - Faculty Guide To Teaching and Learning with Technology