Admin training

This section is for Knowledge Partners and other administrators designated by them. Knowledge Partners are users who are Learning Providers and have done Knowledge Partner sign up on Quampus to deliver and monetize their online learning services.

Admin training is divided into the following modules:

Training ModuleDescription
Quick start guideHelps a new KP-account manager get ready quickly. Other admin users also may find the information here useful.
Initial set upUse this to know if you have to do some basic set up before you do other activities. Must-view for all new Professional Knowledge Partner account holders.
Overview of admin rolesThis describes what each admin role means and what are the main activities covered by each type of admin user.
KP-Account managementKP-Account manager controls every aspect of your campus-on-cloud. This can also be called the super-administration activity. Any user who does Knowledge Partner sign up becomes KP-Account manager.
Program managementProgram management activity involves management of Subjects, Courses, Faculty Member allocations and Learners.
Faculty stationFaculty Member responsibilities involve all activities to guide, mentor, help and supervise the learners. They include checking assignments, answering learner queries and moderating discussions.
Enrollment coordinationEnrollment Coordination activity involves sponsoring/nominating users to your own or other Knowledge Partners’ Learning Services. This admin activity can be done only by Enterprise Quampus Id holders and Enrollment Coordinators designated by them.
Collection agent activitiesCollection Agents with ‘Normal’ authority register offline payment collections. Collection Agent with ‘High’ authority can also reverse payment entries and process incomplete gateway transactions.