Security guidelines

In any web-based access, security plays an important role. Most of the time, users do not bother about the security issues because of the false notion that security provisioning is the sole responsibility of the system provider. Nothing can be farther from the truth. While it is true that no web based system is 100% hacker proof, better practices followed by both the system designers and users of the system can prevent or even eliminate security breaches of any level.

Quampus requests all users to adhere to the following guidelines for ensuring better security of their data.

  1. Never ever share your password, change password periodically and use passwords which are combinations of characters, digits and special characters.
  2. Before you type in your Quampus Id and password, verify that the url/location box of your browser starts with
  3. Knowledge Partners registered on Quampus use special links to take you to Quampus Id authentication screen. Verify that the url/location box of your browser starts with when the page asks you to input Quampus Id and password.
  4. If you are holding admin rights, do not allow anybody else access the system using your Quampus Id and password. Your super-admin user can access all the data created by you, so there is no need to share your Id and password with your super-admin user.
  5. Since all activities are tracked on the basis of the Quampus Id used, if anybody other than you uses the system using your Id and password, all data generated through this person will be purported to have been generated by you. This can compromise your legal position.